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The Long & The Short of It: Kate

Posted in This is Us
on February 24, 2017
the long and the short of it

One of the best things about Kid + Kin, if I do say so myself, is that it provides a space for both Catherine and I to share our creative strengths. And when I say creative, I clearly mean Catherine because she is just so talented. I, on the other hand, enjoy using this space to share my interests and (reading, eating and my phone) that are not particularly creative but are 100% me.

We decided that another way we can make the most of this space is to document and share our lives, our kids and our kin. We like the “digital scrapbook” element of a blog and also the opportunity to get to know you a little better. So without further ado here’s the first The Long & The Short of It, a post series where we will document our long weeks in a (relatively) short post.

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