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Printable Summer Reading Journal for Kids

Posted in Create
on July 6, 2017

If I’m being honest, I didn’t intend to make another Summer Reading Journal for kids this year but, much to my surprise, my daughter starting asking for a new one a few weeks ago. It’s an ongoing challenge to encourage her to read so it was pretty rewarding to hear that our fun little printable reading journal was doing the trick.

Read on to download and create your own DIY Reading Journal for kids.

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DIY Bookworm Library Bag

Posted in Create, Kid Craft
on June 14, 2017

The Summer is soo hot here in Arizona. We like to spend the hottest part of the day indoors. We hide from the blazing sun during the middle of the day, with a stack of books to read. Since we read a lot during our summer break we made a DIY bookworm library bag to carry our books in!

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Summer Reading Journal: Free Download to Encourage Kids to Read

Posted in Create, Parenting
on June 18, 2016
Summer Reading Journal for Kids

School’s out for summer! The kids are squealing with joy. And I’m excited, too.

This summer, we’re determined to avoid the “I’m bored!”s with a well stocked drawer of ideas and inspiration to keep the kids content, active and, yes, learning. One tool we’re so excited to use this summer is a brand new Summer Reading Journal created for kids.

Keep reading to see how you can download this free Summer Reading Journal, too!

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