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Water Balloon Hop Scotch

Posted in Create, Parenting
on July 19, 2017

Summer is all about having fun and staying cool!

My kids are all about their water play. They would live in their bathing suits, with the hose running, all summer long if I let them. We only have a kiddie pool in our backyard, and water balloons are fun but never last long enough. Water Balloon Hop Scotch is a fun summer game to extend the water play fun!

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Kids Lemonade Stand + Recipe

Posted in Drinks, Food, Kind Kids Club, Uncategorized
on July 13, 2017

Is it eleventy billion degrees where you are? With record triple-digit heat here in Arizona, we’ve been drinking our fair share of lemonade to keep cool. My neighbor and I got our 4 kids together (plus her niece) for a lemonade stand this summer. We’re sharing our fresh-squeezed lemonade recipe (big enough for a lemonade stand) along with tips for a successful lemonade stand, and how we helped our community with our proceeds from our Kind Kids Club Lemonade Stand.

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