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The Long & Short of It

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on May 19, 2017
the long and the short of it

In the wise words of one of my fellow busy friends, “May is the new December.” I feel like I’m always commenting on how busy things are, but like really I’m not kidding things are totally crazy busy this month. Between farewells, field trips, luncheons, meetings and shenanigans, it is holiday season level busy up in here.

Late spring in gorgeous in northern Japan. Cherry blossoms bloom and they are seriously just beautiful. This year’s bloom season felt much shorter than years past, but we tried to enjoy them while they were big and beautiful.

Jack climbed in a tree to take pictures of the cherry blossoms.

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On the other hand, late spring means PCS season is upon us. There are literally moving vans on our street every single day and it’s terribly depressing. Military moves come with lots of traditions and ceremonies and one of my favorites is the “fini flight”. Family and friends gather to welcome a pilot when the plane lands and the fellow pilots in the squadron tackle and spray the target with water and champagne. We went to a friend’s fini a few weeks ago and Kevin was flying in the formation so we got to see him taxiing around in his jet. It’s about as close to seeing him fly as we can get.

Jet wash. #f16 #misawa

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Husband TDY = another solo Mother’s Day. This year we celebrated with a group of moms and their million kids for a brunch on base. We are lucky to be surrounded by such a great community.

Mother's Day with these monkeys I'm lucky to call mine.

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With the end of the school year just around the corner, June looks to be a little more relaxing and less busy. I can’t wait to take a breath! Preferably outside, enjoying the beautiful spring in Japan.

& The Short of It

A quick look at what I’m obsessed with this week.

Reading: Hungry Heart by Jennifer Weiner. At my suggestion – and not just because I’m trying to tackle our Reading Challenge – my book club is reading this memoir. Jennifer Weiner is a wonderful author and this entertaining read is a fun way to know more about her.

Watching: Harlots. The first time I saw this preview, I blushed and kept on scrolling. But with my husband TDY I grew a little more desperate for something to binge watch and landed on this Hulu-exclusive. It’s much more than a story about sex workers in London in late 1700s. It’s a messy, captivating and addictive series about women fighting for power. Bonus points for gorgeous costumes and makeup.

Dreaming: Of selling our home. Thanks to the Air Force, our family has lived lived in 6 houses, but one of those has a special place in my heart forever. The first house we bought in Florida is on the market. I’m dreaming of finding new owners quickly who love it as much as we do.

Wearing: Vintage Print Maxi Dress. In my world, summer means dresses. And this one is a straight up bargain at less than $30. In a variety of fun summer prints, this is a go-to dress for dinner dates and summer happy hour with friends. Get it.

For Kid: Jet Graphic Tank. I am ob-sessed with this tank. You can look forward to a photo of all three of my kids wearing one.

For Kin: Summer Soiree Party Supplies. Did I mention it’s starting to warm up here? Because it is, yay! And because Target is genius at providing products you didn’t know you needed I think warm weather is the perfect occasion to stock up on these adorable summer soiree party supplies. So cute.