Free June Smart Phone Wallpapers

Posted in Technology
on June 1, 2017

So today as the rain is pouring and I’m shivering in my sweater, it feels a little premature to be celebrating summer so thoroughly in this month’s Kid + Kin smart phone wallpapers. But as the school year comes to an end and with the official start of summer just around the corner, we couldn’t help but go there.

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The Best Workout Program for Busy Moms

Posted in Health & Fitness, Kid + Kin Picks
on May 28, 2017

Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer and I am officially NOT ready for summer. My kids are still in school for a couple more weeks which feels like a nice grace period to get my mind and body ready for the new season. And, let me tell you, my body needs a lot of work. Turns out a diet of red wine and cheese and occasional trips to the gym are not good for my waist.

It’s time to get serious about getting into shape – and by that I mean fitting into my clothes – so I’m taking the plunge and starting a full-up workout challenge. But the quest to find the right one can be almost as challenging as getting my butt to the gym. There are just so many options. I’ve narrowed my choices down to six popular workout programs and compare their pros and cons to find the best workout program for busy moms.

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Baseball Snacks for Kids + Free Printable!

Posted in Food
on May 26, 2017

Ahh baseball. A classic American sport. My little guy was finally old enough for 3 year old t-ball this year and it was SOO cute. Of course, as any great team parents, we had to supply snacks and I found some adorable baseball snacks for kids  that don’t take much prep work. Your little baseballer will love them!

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The Long & Short of It

Posted in This is Us
on May 19, 2017
the long and the short of it

In the wise words of one of my fellow busy friends, “May is the new December.” I feel like I’m always commenting on how busy things are, but like really I’m not kidding things are totally crazy busy this month. Between farewells, field trips, luncheons, meetings and shenanigans, it is holiday season level busy up in here.

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