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The Long & The Short of It: Catherine

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on May 5, 2017
the long and the short of it

Happy Friday and Happy Cinco De Mayo friends! I’m back today to share The Long & The Short of what I’ve been up to lately. So, mix up one of our favorite margarita recipes, sit back and enjoy reading what I’m inspired by and obsessed with lately.

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2 DIY Advent Calendars (FREE printables)

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on November 29, 2016


It’s almost December 1st. If you’re looking for an advent calendar printable, we’ve got you covered. I painted these watercolor wreaths and I’ve turned them into advent tags for 2 Printable DIY Advent Calendars. We’re sharing a kid friendly and adult version to inspire you to create your own advent countdown for kid or kin!

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Stop the Mommy Wars!

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on September 21, 2016


Let’s talk for a minute about Mommy Wars and Mom Shaming. I’ve seen it more and more over the years. Honestly, I almost gotten sucked into it. Am I perfect? No. But, I do try to be a kind person. I made some new friends and maybe I was desperate to fit in with “cool moms”. I started doing things that were out of character for me. When I took a step back and looked at the situation I really had to evaluate some things. This wasn’t me. This wasn’t who I wanted to be. This wasn’t who I wanted my children to look up to.

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