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EASIEST Summer Cocktail – Whiskey Ginger

Posted in Drinks, Food
on July 23, 2017

Ahh Summer. Lazy days, sunshine and fun times with friends. This cocktail is perfectly simple and delicious on a lazy day. I call it a Whiskey Ginger but some people (like my mom) like to call it a Jameson and Ginger. Either way, the recipe is super simple and refreshing on a hot summer day.

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Kids Lemonade Stand + Recipe

Posted in Drinks, Food, Kind Kids Club, Uncategorized
on July 13, 2017

Is it eleventy billion degrees where you are? With record triple-digit heat here in Arizona, we’ve been drinking our fair share of lemonade to keep cool. My neighbor and I got our 4 kids together (plus her niece) for a lemonade stand this summer. We’re sharing our fresh-squeezed lemonade recipe (big enough for a lemonade stand) along with tips for a successful lemonade stand, and how we helped our community with our proceeds from our Kind Kids Club Lemonade Stand.

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The Only 2 Margarita Recipes You’ll Ever Need

Posted in Celebrate, Drinks, Food
on April 28, 2017

There is no shame in my game: I love a good margarita. Living overseas (in Germany and Japan) for the last five years we have had to be a little resourceful and find our very favorite margarita recipes to make at home. These two go two recipes – one frozen and one on the rocks – are seriously delicious! Relying on simple, fresh ingredients the Whole Fruit Frozen Margarita and Skinniest Margarita are the only margarita recipes you’ll ever need.

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