March 2018 Smart Phone Wallpapers

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on February 28, 2018

Lucky us, it’s March! And you know what that means? It’s time to update your phone with new Kid + Kin Smart Phone Wallpaper downloads. This month’s collection is clean and simple with a nod to St. Patrick’s Day. Black and white and kelly green! Download your favorite wallpapers now to make your phone pretty lucky.

Smart Phone Downloads March 2018

March Smart Phone Wallpaper Downloads

  • Calendar – black and white stripe and gold foil (perfect for lock screen for a quick glance at the month);
  • Text – make your own luck and expectation Emily Dickinson quote;
  • Backgrounds – gold pattern, green glitter shamrocks, green with gold shamrock and black and white stripe with green glitter shamrock.

Before we get to the wallpapers I have a serious question: what is the difference between a four leaf clover and a shamrock? Yes, I know The Google exists, but that’s not nearly as fun as publicly declaring my ignorance and asking for your guidance.

Black and White Stripe March 2018 Smart Phone CalendarClick to download black and white stripe calendar.

Gold foil March calendarClick to download gold foil March calendar.

Make your own luck smart phone wallpaperClick to download make your own luck background.

March is a month of expectationClick to download March is a month of expectation quote.

Green Shamrock Phone WallpaperClick to download green glitter shamrock pattern background.

Green Background with Gold ShamrockClick to download green background with gold clover.

Goil Graphic Phone BackgroundClick to download gold graphic wallpaper.

Black White and Gold Graphic Smart Phone BackgroundClick to download gold stripes and black background.

 Thank you so much for continuing to download and share our monthly wallpapers. If you enjoy them, please consider sharing on social media. 

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