Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids

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on December 21, 2017

Whenever the kids are off from school, I round up some fun crafts and activities for us to do. My kids love nature, so one of the crafts I’m looking forward to making with them during this school break is one of these Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids.

Winter is a great time for crafting, and an even better time to give birds a little extra love. The weather is colder and there isn’t as many natural fruits, nuts and seeds for them to find to eat, especially if you live where it snows. I found some cute bird feeder crafts for kids to DIY.

These aren’t just for winter though. They make a great rainy day activity or a fun weekend, Spring Break or hot Summer day craft! We love that a lot of these are all natural or use recycled items to create cute bird feeders.

Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids

This milk jug bird feeder from Great Stems can be designed in lots of great ways and it’s a good way to upcycle that old milk carton.

How about this colorful and cute paper bowl bird feeder from Non Toy Gifts.

Don’t thow away that juice carton, make this cute owl bird feeder from Red Ted Art.

This orange bird feeder from Made With Happy has a great tutorial full of helpful pictures.

How cute is this shaded bird feeder house made of popsicles on Babble.

Pinecone Bird Feeder from Natural Beach Living is messy fun for kids!

We love how colorful this soda bottle bird feeder is from Artzy Creations.

Kids can practice their fine motor skills while threading the yummies on this fruit and grain bird feeder from Parents.

This apple bird feeder from Natural Beach Living is so pretty!

Which one would your kids choose to make?

This activity is part of our Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar. Check out our calendar for daily acts of kindness this holiday season!

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