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on December 6, 2017

Good things come in small packages! As a kid, I was always so excited to get down my stocking and see what goodies were tucked inside. These stocking stuffers are small but mighty, and are sure to bring smiles on Christmas morning.

Stocking Stuffers

Fingerlings – Two of these have been hidden in my closet for the past month. They seem to be THE hit toy this year so snag them fast if you want some. Fingerlings are adorable baby monkeys that are curious about the world around them—starting with you! These interactive pets love to hang onto your finger, blink their eyes, turn their heads, blow kisses, swing by their tails, and talk in monkey babble. 

Postcard set – This fun set from Seedling includes 6 postcards for kids to design themselves and send as snail mail to a friend or family member.

Spelly straws – Customize your own straw with this silly straw set. Includes 44 letters and 4 straw bases. Perfect for smoothies, parties or preschoolers. Create over 300K words!

Play tape – The original road tape. Perfect for the car and train lover this set includes 2″ roads and curves sticky tape for making your own path.

Pranks in a Tin – Calling all mischief makers and pranksters. Six classic pranks suitable for any jokester in this tiny little tin from Seedling.

Little Jumping Frog – A jar full of jumping frogs and play mat. Who can make their frog jump the furthest?

Memory Maze – Handheld memory maze with 4 light up colors. The colors will light up in sequence. Follow the sequence, adding more colors each time to win!

Poop Emoji Fidget Spinner – While as adults we don’t get the poop emoji or fidget spinner obsessions, kids sure love them. These two trends are combined into one fun toy that’s sure to be a hit with school aged kids.

Spy Pens – These spy pens allow kids to write secret messages to their friends that can only be revealed with UV light. Set of 4 pens

Giving: Holiday Guide

giving kid + kin holiday guide

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