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on December 3, 2017

At Kid + Kin we have shared the message of kindness throughout the year in our Kind Kids Club so it only made sense to dedicate a portion of Giving Guide to gifts that encourage and celebrate kindness in kids.

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Kind Gifts for Kids

The Doll Kind Kindness Doll

The Doll Kind. These lovable dolls are designed to empower kids to spread kindness in three easy steps. First, chose your doll from the 4 adorable options (named Grace, Fair, Hope and Joy). Second, give kindness tokens. Each doll comes with ten that your child gives as an act of kindness and appreciation. Third, The Doll Kind donates a doll for every one purchased.

Kindness Elves

Kindness Elves. The Kindness Elves are magical friends who sprinkle kindness and joy wherever they go. Instead of leaving gifts or causing trouble, these elves encourage kids to perform acts of kindness for siblings, neighbors or friends.

Choose Friendship Bracelet Maker

Friendship Bracelet Maker. Nothing says friendship like a good old-fashioned braided bracelet. This kit includes a maker contraption and pre-cut threads so you can start braiding and creating right away.

Wonder Companion Books. If you and your kids haven’t read the book Wonder yet, what are you waiting for? It is amazing. We love the “spread kind” message of the book and the companion books that have followed. It’s hard to pick a favorite between the Choose Kind Journal, We’re All Wonders Picture Book, and 365 Days of Wonder: Mr. Browne’s Precepts.

RAOK Kit Family Pack

Random Acts of Kindness Kit. Change the world one intentional act of kindness at a time. Designed with children and families in mind, the Family Deck includes an interactive “Command Central” activity board with stickers to keep track of your Family’s progress, discussion cards to inspire meaningful family conversation and do-it-yourself cards so kids can make their own.

Kind is the New Cool Tee. Kids can spread kindness without saying a word with this graphic tee from The Rosie Project. Available in a number of colors, and even in adult sizes, we hope you’ll wear your heart on your tee.

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