Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar

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on December 1, 2017

Happy December! We wanted to end 2017 on a kind note, so we created a printable Random Acts of Kindness Christmas calendar. Hopefully, you will follow along and spread some extra kindness this holiday season!

We created 3 different designs of our random acts of kindness Christmas calendar for you to choose from – floral, snow or plaid.

On each day of our Christmas calendar you’ll find a random act of kindness that kids and families can do together. Some are easy for kids to do alone and some will need some parental guidance, but all of them are fun!

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar

Click to download Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Floral Calendar.

Here are tips for your month of kindness:

Day 6 – Support a small business. We love the kindness collection at The Rosie Project, owned and designed by our very creative co-owner, Kate!

Day 14 – Make a blanket to give away. Our no-sew blanket makes a delightful gift that kids can help with.

Day 21 – Give someone hot chocolate. You can buy them a steaming mug of hot cocoa to warm them up or buy this gourmet hot chocolate on a stick 3 pack gift set.

Day 22 – Make a winter bird feeder. Check out our favorite bird feeder crafts for kids for inspiration.

Day 24 – We shared our favorite Christmas book and Pajama pairings for kids.

Day 27 – Leave kindness cards somewhere. Our printable kindness cards are perfect for this. We love to tuck them in books at the library!

Day 30 – Leave rainbow rocks in a park. Paint up some colorful rainbow rocks and take them to the park to brighten someone’s day!

Click here to download Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Snow Calendar.

Click to download Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Plaid Calendar.

For holiday gift ideas, visit Giving, the 2017 Kid + Kin Holiday Guide!

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