7 Fun Halloween Foods

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on October 24, 2017

Only 1 week until Halloween night! To celebrate, here are 7 fun Halloween foods I enjoy serving my kids during Halloween season. These ideas are sure to make this last week festive and fun!

7 Fun Halloween Foods

Yes, I have served all of these fun foods to my kids either this Halloween or last Halloween. They love themed food and I’m totally that mom that loves making it! I might as well enjoy it while they’re young and still think my quirkiness is cool. Check out my favorite Halloween foods for kids.

Spooky #halloweeneve dinner! Green pasta and eyeball sauce. Mwahaha!! The kids loved it! #CMinthekitchen

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1. Green Eyeball Pasta

This was one our favorites! I put green food coloring in the pasta water as it cooked and served spaghetti sauce on top. For the eyeballs I used mozzarella balls and put sliced olives on top.

Pumpkin face pumpkin #pancakes and a BOO-nana for #Halloween breakfast! #CMinthekitchen

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2. Pumpkin Face Pancakes and Boo-nanas

Create pumpkin pancakes and then cut them out with pumpkin shaped cookie cutters. Give the kids candy corn and chocolate sauce to make faces (or make it for them). Add chocolate sauce to half a banana for boo-annas!

Judah's lunch – mummy pizza and spider eggs! #CMinthekitchen

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3. Mummy Pizza and Spider Eggs

On half a English Muffin make a cheese mummy pizza using strips of mozzarella cheese and olives for eyes. Serve grapes (spider eggs) on the side with a plastic spider ring on top for them to wear during their meal!

Stuffed pumpkins for dinner! #instayum #CMinthekitchen

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4. Stuffed Pumpkins

Those mini pumpkins are more than just decoration. This one was more for the adults. Serve up some savory stuffed pumpkins with sausage and gruyere. I made this recipe for a fun fall dinner that is pretty enough to serve to company in these mini pumpkins!

5. Mac and Cheese Jack-o-lanterns

I made this stovetop Mac and cheese and added about 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree and served them in orange bell peppers that I carved to look like mini jack-o-lanterns.


6. Candy Corn Waffles

I made a batch of my favorite Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Spice waffles. Before cooking them in my waffle maker, I separated the batter into 2 bowls and added orange and yellow food coloring. Pour the orange batter in the middle and some yellow around the outside. Once they are cooked, separate the triangles and dip them in a simple milk, vanilla and powdered sugar glaze. Yum!

7. Zombie Brains

My husband sent me a video of someone making this brain food a few weeks ago and I knew I had to make these zombie brains for our sushi loving kids! I didn’t want to make a whole batch of sticky rice so I used Annie Chun’s white sticky rice and it worked perfectly! Instead of tobiko, I just added a drop of red food coloring to some rice to create the middle line.

Make these Halloween treats even more festive by serving them on Halloween plates!

Which one looks the most fun to make? Let me know in the comments?


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