How Families Can Help Hurricane Victims

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on August 30, 2017

Our hearts are broken for the people in Houston, Texas this week. Hurricane Harvey hit them hard. And now with Irma looming in the Atlantic, things are concerning. We’ve seen the news and all the devastation, and we want to help. But how? Here are some ways that families can help Hurricane victims.

Often times I think of the famous Mister Rogers quote about looking for the helpers. It’s a gentle reminder to all of us to be the helpers whenever we can.

Helping others in need is something that we believe is important to teach our children. Children often mimic our behaviors and learn from our examples. They are always watching how we react to situations.

We think it’s important to show our children how we as a nation, we as a people, can come together to help each other in our times of need. And Houston needs our help now.

And now Hurricane’s Irma, Jose and Katia are headed towards the southeastern US. Florida is already evacuating and the Caribbean islands have already been devastated. Things are looking grim.

How Kids and Families Can Help Hurricane Victims

Want to get involved but don’t know where to start? Use these tips as a starting point to help hurricane victims regardless of where the hurricane hits.

  1. Diaper Drive – Diaper donations are needed for families in shelters during the aftermath of a hurricane. “Every diaper and wipe helps”.
  2. Host A Lemonade Stand – Check out our tips for how to host a successful lemonade stand. Let people know you are raising money to help victims of the Hurricane  and who you are donating to.
  3. Shelter Donations – toys, coloring books and clothes can be donated to local shelters during hurricane relief. Check with local school dzisctrics too, often they are accepting donations for schools as well.
  4. Start a Penny Drive – Teach kids that every little bit helps. They can collect money from their community to donate.
  5. Create Some Art – Have your kids make some cards and drawings to donate to hospitals, schools and shelters in the aftermath of the hurricane.

How Families Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

  1. Hurricane Harvey Book Club – This group is posting videos of people reading a children’s book. These videos give little flood victims something to do during this time when they are most likely displaced from their homes, books and toys. If you have a child who can read, make a video with them and post it!
  2. Texas Diaper Bank – Diaper donations are needed for families in shelters. “Every diaper and wipe helps” Here is their Amazon wishlist.
  3. Austin Pets Alive – They are looking for supplies, volunteers, foster families and they have animals that need to be adopted. If adding a new pet to your family is something you’ve been wanting to do, this organization can help you!
  4. Save the Children – You can make a monetary donation to this child-friendly space. They are opening more locations in Texas.
  5. American Red Cross – They have an Amazon Wishlist full of items they need including pack-n-play cribs and child size pillows.
  6. Shelter Donations – toys, coloring books and clothes can be donated to local Houston shelters. The Houston Independent School District is accepting donations for schools as well.
  7. The Rosie Project Apparel – Proceeds from products in their new Hurricane Harvey Relief collection will be donated to Team Rubicon USA, an organization that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

How to Help Hurricane Irma Victims

  1. American Red Cross – They are requesting volunteers. Volunteering isn’t for everyone but if you can, they need some helping hands.
  2. Unicef – With Irma heading to Florida and the southeastern coast, Unicef is raising donations now for emergency relief funding.
  3. Global Giving – There goal is to raise 2 million dollars for immediate and long term needs for food, clean water, fuel and more.
  4. Food For the Poor – They are rushing food and aid to Haiti who just survived the Cat 5 Hurricane Irma.

Helpful Hurricane Links

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