NEW! Target’s Lisa Frank PJ Collection for Women

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on July 26, 2017

We’re taking a trip back to the 90’s because we just discovered Target’s Lisa Frank PJ Collection for Women! This is happening and it’s awesome! Target just released this awesome new Lisa Frank collection and we’re squealing with delight!

The tween girl inside me is in heaven! I remember when there was nothing better than picking out my Lisa Frank notebooks and pencils at the beginning of each school year. Hello rainbow unicorn, pink and blue dolphins and super cute rainbow tiger cubs! All the cool kids had Lisa Frank something, if not everything.

Target has just released a fun line of Lisa Frank pajamas for WOMEN. This Lisa Frank collection is just as colorful and magical as you remember!

As if we weren’t having enough back-to-school, “how do I have a kid this old” feels, Target has to go and throw in some guilty pleasure nostalgia shopping to push us right over the edge.

Good move, Target.

Good move.

We dig it. I mean, look at this collection full of all our Lisa Frank classics and favs.

Target’s Lisa Frank PJ Collection

Lisa Frank Tiger Sleep Shirt

Lisa Frank Dolphin Sleep Shirt

Lisa Frank Unicorn Sleep Shirt

Lisa Frank Rainbow PJs

Lisa Frank Kisses PJs

All of the Lisa Frank pj’s are available in plus sizes, which we love. Unfortunately, some of the styles are already sold out. It’s totally understandable though, because they are so freakin’ cute!

Shop all the Lisa Frank Pajamas at Target!

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