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on July 6, 2017

If I’m being honest, I didn’t intend to make another Summer Reading Journal for kids this year but, much to my surprise, my daughter starting asking for a new one a few weeks ago. It’s an ongoing challenge to encourage her to read so it was pretty rewarding to hear that our fun little printable reading journal was doing the trick.

Read on to download and create your own DIY Reading Journal for kids.

Reading Journal for Kids 2017

This summer’s journal is very similar to last year’s with only a few tweaks and new additions. I added a traditional reading log to have a very basic list of books completed, which nicely complements the more detailed book summary pages throughout. The entire PDF is 26 pages, including a cover, summer goals, wish lists, bingo, book summaries and blank journaling pages.

I printed the entire document to create my kids’ journals, but it’s really designed to be mix and match. If some pages are a better fit for your child’s reading level, print multiples of those and skip others.

We used a three hole punch and 1/2 inch binder to create our journals, but you can also throw the pages in a folder or take them to an office supply store for spiral binding.

We’re currently packing for a month-long trip to the States involving many plane rides and car trips. The kids’ reading journals are in the stack of books and activities we’re taking to keep them occupied and happy.

reading journal for kids

Whether your kid is a dedicated or reluctant reader, we think the Reading Journal has something for every one. By offering kids a variety of methods to process what they’re reading, each can tailor the journal to individual skills and strengths.

Download the Reading Journal

Click here to download the 26-page Kids Reading Journal

I hope your kids enjoy the Reading Journal as much as mine do. If you like this free printable, please consider sharing on social media.

Keep calm and read books!

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