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on June 1, 2017

So today as the rain is pouring and I’m shivering in my sweater, it feels a little premature to be celebrating summer so thoroughly in this month’s Kid + Kin smart phone wallpapers. But as the school year comes to an end and with the official start of summer just around the corner, we couldn’t help but go there.

June Smart Phone Wallpapers Kid + Kin

June 2017 Smart Phone Backgrounds

This month’s wallpapers combine a familiar love – gold foil – with some bold colors. Admittedly, it’s a bit outside my comfort zone but the bright pink and basic black create a pretty fun combo. As usual, I had trouble narrowing down the choices, so there’s a lot here!

  • Calendar – pink or black with gold foil
  • Summer Quotes – this is where I went a little nuts. I guess I’m anxious for summer!
  • Plain Gold Foil – these are home screen options because they are more simple

June Smart Phone Wallpapers Kid + Kin

Click on the image or the link below each to download the full size image. The graphics are optimized for iPhone, but we have found they work on most smart phones.

There are two calendar options.

Click to download White background June calendar

Click to download Black background June calendar

And here are the eighty bajillion summer quote options.

Click to download Pink Summer Fun

Click to download Hello Summer

Click to download Endless Sun Endless Fun Endless Summer

Click to download Every Summer Has a Story

Click to download Less Monday More Summer

If that’s all a bit too much, you can opt for one of the solid color backgrounds with gold foil.

Click to download Pink with Gold Foil Phone Wallpaper

Click to download Black with Gold Foil Phone Wallpaper

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