National Poetry Month: FREE Poetry Printables + Books for Kids

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on April 12, 2017

April is National Poetry Month. We’re bringing poetry to life with our 5 Senses Poetry Printables + 16 Children’s Books about Poetry that kids will love reading!

Teaching poetry to children allows them to express themselves, with words, in a creative way. Poetry allows children to express their feelings, and the world around them, even with a limited vocabulary.

We’re celebrating National Poetry Month by exploring our 5 senses, and the seasons, with 4 FREE printables. This is an easy enough activity to do with preschoolers and can be more challenging as children get older. It causes children to pay attention to the changing world around them. To really think about how we touch, taste, smell and see the world from different points of view.

Pin these for later and share the poetry love. Everyone loves free printables!

Spring 5 Senses Poetry Printable

Start with your current season and have everyone in your family fill out a printable. Then, see what the differences are! Each person is bound to have some different and unique answers. Mom might think Spring tastes like lemonade while a kid might think Spring tastes like Easter candy!

It’s opens up a great discussion about points of view and how everyone is different.

Our plan is to start a Poetry Book this summer, sort of like our Summer Reading Journal. We’ll start with a binder and add these printables. Kids can create their own poems or copy poems from some of their favorite books.

Below, are the Summer, Autumn and Winter season printables for a whole year of poetry fun!

Summer 5 Senses Poetry Printable

Autumn 5 Senses Poetry Printable

Winter 5 Senses Poetry Printable

And, Because April is National Poetry month, we didn’t want to stop there. We’ve rounded up 16 awesome Children’s Books about Poetry to read to, and with, your kids this month and beyond!

There are some really great poetry books for kids in this list including classics like “Where the Sidewalk Ends”, funny poetry books like “Once I laughed My Socks Off” and unique finds like “Lemonade: And Other Poems Squeezed from a Single Word”.

Poetry Books for Kids

  1. Here’s a Little Poem
  2. Read Outloud Rhymes for The Very Young
  3. Poetry for Young People: Maya Angelou
  4. Poems to Learn By Heart
  5. Hip Hop Speaks to Children
  6. When I was a Grown Up and other Poems
  7. Where the Sidewalk Ends
  8. The Giving Tree
  9. Just Kidding: Funny Poems for Kids
  10. Once I Laughed My Socks Off
  11. 20th Century Children’s Poetry Treasury
  12. Guyku : A year of Haikus for Boys
  13. Noisy Poems for A Busy Day
  14. Pocket Poems
  15. Shout: Little Poems that Roar
  16. Lemonade: And Other Poems Squeeze from a Single Word

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