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on April 1, 2017

I anticipate being a broken record every month when I post our exclusive Kid + Kin smart phone wallpaper downloads, but I really cannot believe it’s already April. How did that happen?

And because I am rather predictable, our April phone wallpapers are all about April showers. Who wants to place bets that May involves flowers? Much to my delight, we’ve had a few thunderstorms this past week in Japan. I just love the sound of rain and hearing the thunder crack reminds me so much of goring up in Ohio. In other words, no shame in my April showers game.

Rain is confetti from the sky phone wallpaper

April 2017 Smart Phone Wallpaper Downloads

This series of phone wallpapers includes lots of options:

  • calendar – my choice for lock screen so I can glance and quickly see the date.
  • rain quotes – I couldn’t pick just one quote because I liked them both so much, and
  • plain raindrop patterns – perfect for home screen.

Click the image below to download the full size image that is optimized for iPhones but will work on most smart phones.

April Calendar iPhone Wallpaper Background

Click to download the April calendar smart phone wallpaper.

Click to download the “Rain is like confetti” quote smart phone wallpaper.

April Phone Wallpaper Background

Click to download “Be one of those people who smiles in the rain” quote smart phone wallpaper.

Coloful April Phone Background Wallpaper

Click to download colorful raindrop smart phone wallpaper.

Raindrop Phone Wallpaper Background

Click to download raindrop smart phone wallpaper.

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Kid + Kin May Smart Phone Wallpapers

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