Jolly Rancher Vodka

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on March 1, 2017

I love playing around with fun food and drink recipes in the kitchen! Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up I decided to create a rainbow of shots to serve and created some candy-infused vodka. I used Jolly Ranchers for a rainbow of colors and flavors!

First, gather your supplies:

Separate your Jolly Rancher candy by color.  My husband was excited to find there was the most of the cherry Jolly Ranchers, since those are his favorites. When I was a kid, my favorite was the watermelon.

Place your Jolly Ranchers in your mason jars and fill up with vodka. Let them sit for about 24 hours shaking a few times to ensure they fully dissolve. There were only 4 grape Jolly Ranchers in my bag so I only made half of a jar of that flavored vodka so the flavor wasn’t too diluted.

The Jolly Rancher candy begin to dissolve pretty quickly. After a few good shakes and about 24 hours the candy was dissolved and I had pretty jars of colorful and flavorful vodka. Be sure the kids know this is not for them!

You can pour them into shot glasses and serve up a rainbow of colors. This was my original idea for an adult St. Patrick’s Day party!

Or, if you want to stick to a green theme, you can serve your green apple Jolly Rancher candy-infused vodka in gold sprinkle rimmed shot glasses and topped with a piece of Air Head Xtreme Bites rainbow candy.

If only I could find a whole bag of just the green apple Jolly Ranchers I could really make a big batch of this green apple Vodka.

We’ll be sharing some fun recipes using our fun flavored Jolly Rancher’s Vodka over the next few months. Be sure to stay tuned!

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