Gold & Pink Girl’s Bedroom Tour

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on August 4, 2016

One of the more unique – and exhausting – challenges of military life is turning a house into a home with every single move. Sometimes a move means unpacking 15 crates worth of your family’s life into a house for a short 12 month stay. Or an overseas move can mean finding a place for all of your things in a house with literally zero closets. (Thanks, Germany!) Every move is different just has every house is different.

But creating a home in our very small overseas on base military housing has been, without a doubt, the most challenging. And, coincidentally, it is the house we’ll live in for a longer than normal four years.

Two years into this house and I still don’t feel like it’s a home. That is, I don’t feel like it’s US. We spend most of our time in our living room which is (over)full of furniture collected in Europe. But this is one room in our on base townhouse that I love. My daughter’s bedroom is lovely, light and it truly reflects who she is. Here’s a little room tour of my seven year old’s gold and pink bedroom.

Gold and Pink Girl's Bedroom Tour

Like every room in our house, the bedroom is a tight fit with lots of stuff in a small space. The queen sized bed takes up more than its far share of space, but this bedroom serves as a guest room when family visits.

Gold and Pink Girl BedroomEmily + Merritt Girl Gold Bedding PBKids

Gold Monogram Pillow | Sarah + Abraham Olliegraphic Pillow | Worry Eater Doll | IKEA Dog Pillow | Emily & Merritt Star Pillow Sham

I fell in love with the Emily & Merritt bedding from Pottery Barn Kids when it launched two years ago. It allows for a nearly blank slate allowing us to pick a few fun accent colors. I picked pink – mainly because we still had some pink accents from her previous bedrooms – and she picked blue, her favorite color.

Gold Girls Bedroom Wall Decor

Quotable Life Custom Wall Art | Gold Lamp (similar)

Girls Bedroom with silhouette art

She’s only seven, but it already feels like we’re knee deep in the “tween” life. The picture below sums it up perfect: an American Girl doll next to the Taylor Swift calendar. She’s obsessed with both.

Girl Bedroom with American Girl Bunk Beds

Custom Cork Board

Did I mention this room is a tight squeeze? So tight, in fact, that her dresser is in the closet. And there is no chance I’m taking a photo of that – it is a MESS!

Small Military House Girls Bedroom

Girls Military Housing Bedroom Tour

So there you have it! A quick peek inside our military house… and a little idea of how we’re still working to turn it into a home.

Beer Advent Calendar


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    This is such a cute room! I love it!

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